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We would like to THANK all of our customers for choosing us as their service provider! Since opening Northern HVAC Co.’s doors in November 2019, many of our customers have been sending us new referrals on a daily basis.


As a token of appreciation and gratitude, we have developed a customer appreciation program for your benefit!


Refer a friend to Northern HVAC Co. and stand a chance to receive a $100.00 cheque from us when your referral leads to a sale of an air conditioner/furnace/HRV/ hot water tank and/or fireplace.


Listed below are the specific terms and conditions of the program:

  • Existing customer of Northern HVAC Co. has to refer a “new” customer.

  • The referred “new” customer is to make sure to say the name of who referred them (first and last name, and phone number).

  • For every successful referral, Northern HVAC Co. will mail you out a $100.00 cheque (“successful referral” means it led to the sale of an air conditioner/furnace/HRV/hot water tank and/or fireplace).

  • There is no limit on the number of referrals you send our way.

  • Northern HVAC Co. has the right to end the program at any point in time.

  • This also includes if we have promotions on equipment (watch out for them in the coming months).

Program Begins March 1st, 2020

Reach out to us for any query or information.

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